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Custom Home Extensions for Modern Melbourne Families

Love your home and where you live, but running out of space? Sometimes the answer isn’t to sell up and move. When your family outgrows your home or your needs change, a home extension can often be the solution.

At Focus Build, we understand the value of space – both in its functional and aesthetic sense. Our team specialises in creating home extensions that not only add that extra room or enlarge an existing one, but also blend seamlessly with your existing architecture. 

This ensures you not only have the space you need for you and your family, but will enhance the value of your home as well.

Home Extensions Melbourne

Why Invest in a Home Extension?

Home extensions can often be a brilliant way to get more space without the fuss of moving. Here’s why they’re a great idea:

  • Flexibility: Enlarge your home as your family grows and changes, or adjust the layout to better suit your current requirements.
  • Increased Property Value: Enhancements and extensions, done well, will contribute significantly to your home’s market value.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Often more affordable and less stressful than purchasing a larger home.
  • Keep What You Love, Change What You Don’t: Odds are, while there may be some issues, there’s probably also a lot to love about your home. Keep what’s good and fix what’s not.

The Focus Build Difference

Every home tells a story, and at Focus Build, we become the scribes that bring your narrative to life. So, what sets our full home renovations apart?

  • A Tailored Approach: Building on our belief that no two projects are alike, we delve deep into understanding your unique needs and vision.
  • End-to-End Management: From the initial assessment to the final touches and clean-up, experience smooth renovation journey where hassles and issues are minimised.
  • Quality at the Forefront: What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on superior craftsmanship and quality control. We take pride in our work and our reputation, and believe that the quality of the result is more important than than any short term “benefit” gained by takings shortcuts.
  • Melbourne’s Heartland: Based in Toorak, much of our work is focussed in Melbourne leafy and inner city suburbs; where our values resonate with those of our customers. While we are happy to work throughout Melbourne, we particularly enjoy those areas where we can work to enhance the architectural beauty and elegance of your home, from traditionally styled through to ultra-modern homes.
Home Extensions

Types of Home Extensions

Second Storey Addition
Outdoor Area Extensions Melbourne

From expanding living areas to adding a second story a part of your home, we can assist you with most types of home extensions, for homes right across Melbourne:

  • Adding Extra Rooms: Where space permits, adding an extra room or rooms to your home can provide the extra space your family needs.
  • Extending Existing Rooms: Extending and expanding existing rooms can also be a good strategy to gain extra space in your home. For example, a “sunroom” at the back of the home might be extended to turn it from a rarely used room into a fully functional living space.
  • Moving Walls: Some home improvements don’t actually require an extension to the outer dimensions of your house, they just require a better utilisation of space within the existing walls of the home. We can move or remove walls (taking into account if they are load bearing walls or not), or even completely reconfigure the entire layout of major areas of your house.
  • Adding a Second Storey: Sometimes extending outwards may not be possible due to the available size of your land, but extending up might be. Adding a second floor to an existing home is generally a major project, but where it is possible this can be an excellent way to extend and expand the size of your home despite space restrictions.
  • Creating Outdoor Living Areas: Indoor/Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular. A large patio, deck or alfresco area can be a great way to enhance your lifestyle without extending the main footprint of your home.

Begin Your Home Transformation Journey

Focus Build can breathe new life into your home, making it more adaptable, spacious, and in tune with the size of your family and your lifestyle.
Ready to expand your horizons? Get in touch with our team today.

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