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Your Custom Home Builder: Crafting Unique Homes in Toorak, Melbourne

Your home is more than just walls and a roof; it’s a reflection of your personality, dreams, and values.

At Focus Build, we’re passionate about turning these dreams into reality, constructing homes that are distinctively yours.

By partnering with your architect or draftsperson, together we can create a home that stands out in its individuality, distinct from the repetitive “cookie cutter” type designs often offered by the larger home builders.

At Focus Build, We're Constructing Dream Homes: One Blueprint at a Time

New Home Builds

Why Choose a Custom Home Build?

New Home Builds
Home Renovations

Embracing bespoke home-building offers remarkable advantages including:

  • Unparalleled Individuality: A home that mirrors your preferences, needs, and aspirations.
  • Flexiblity & Collaboration: Modify, adapt, and innovate with an architect, ensuring every part of your design aligns with your vision. Then, you can rely on Focus Build to turn the plans to reality, through quality workmanship and materials.
  • The Perfect House for your Block of Land: Not all blocks of land are square and flat. If your land is on a hill, an unusual shape, or has the potential for beautiful views to the front, back (or even the side), a custom designed and built house will result in a home that takes advantage of the unique features of your land to maximise the use of space. While a custom built home is a good choice in many situations, it is on these non-standard blocks where it almost becomes a must-have.
  • Maximised Functionality: Your new home, with every space crafted for its intended purpose, without superfluous layouts.
  • A Home as Unique as You: Traditionally styled homes that exude character, making them timeless in appeal; or a chic, ultra modern home, filled with innovative features and minimalist style. Or whatever else you can dream of. The choice is yours.

The Focus Build Difference

What sets your custom home builds apart?

  • Bespoke Design: No two homes we build are the same; each narrates a different story.
  • Quality Commitment: omes built right, the way they used to be. While modern techniques and styles are important, so is building home to a quality that will ensure longevity and security of your home. Most builder preach quality, we really mean it. Focus Build is “bucking the trend” of low quality homes that the builders of past generations would shudder at – from materials to workmanship, we know how important the quality of your home build is to you, so it’s important to us as well.
  • End to End Collaboration: From the first spark of inspiration, right through to execution, your voice is paramount in every decision.
  • Efficiency & Transparency: A streamlined building process, with regular updates and no hidden surprises.
Focus Build Toorak

Crafting Your Dream Home

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Our expertise spans across a range of architectural styles:

  • Single Story Homes: Elegant designs optimised for space and utility.
  • Double Storey Residences: Elevated designs that maximise your view and space.
  • Eco-Friendly Builds: Sustainable materials and techniques for an eco-conscious future.
  • Modern, Classic or Fusion: A harmonious blend of contemporary designs with timeless features, to bring your vision to life. Whatever your vision, we can turn it into reality.

Begin Your New Home Journey

Choose Focus Build for a home-building journey where your design choices are brought to life, just the way you imagine them. Step away from the mundane and discover a home building experience tailor-made for you. Let’s create a home that’s genuinely and uniquely yours.

Quality & Value

Offering free site assessments and quotes. We provide the best value and service in Melbourne.


When you choose to work with our team at Focus Build, you can rest assured our work is backed by years of experience.


We are proud to continuously hold a 5 star rating on Google. We understand the need to treat our client’s home with respect and security.

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